Welcome to Paranormal Friends

We are a group of enthusiastic, genuine paranormal investigators with a passion for what we do and who enjoy letting intrigued members of the public take part in authentic paranormal investigations.

Despite constant effort over centuries of investigating, neither paranormal investigators nor scientists have been able to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

Our team has witnessed unimaginable amounts of activity spanning hundreds of investigations. While much of this has been successfully explained away, plenty of activity has not been debunked despite the team’s best efforts.

Join us on an investigation

So, why not use our expertise and join us on an investigation as we search for real evidence of genuine paranormal activity?

On our investigations, we use a combination of scientific and spiritual methods and attempt to make sense of – or even debunk – any evidence we gather.

We can guarantee any activity that occurs is genuine and our team never fake or stage anything. We expect and hope that those taking part on a Paranormal Friends investigation does the same.

Due to the vast experience of the Paranormal Friends team, you are in good company – and for added peace of mind we also carry public liability insurance.


We love getting feedback and these are just a few of the comments we have had from keen investigators who have joined us at one of our many locations.

Every now and then we get to experience something really special! Last night we made contact with a spirit for the first time since he passed. Eric who lost his life tragically at the age of 22 came through to talk to us and what an honour it was to witness his first contact since his passing. It was one of those special moments that will remain with those who had the experience and the privilege to witness it. – AM

Myself and J were only a few feet away from the K2 when we made contact with Eric. We felt totally drained after communicating with him and I’ve never seen such a sustained reaction from the meter before. He really wanted to talk with us and I’m sure there is much more to discover on future visits. Thanks Chris and co, another great night. – MS

Thanks for an excellent night at Whittington Castle; it was the best ghost hunt I’ve been on. Well run by the team as always. – LM-C

Brilliant night at Whittington Castle just sorry I didn’t have the energy to stay until 4, sounds as though the activity kept going; fascinated to read about the table moving on its own! Thoroughly enjoyed it; thanks to the team who were brilliant as always – LP

Would like to thank everyone for last night, the whole experience was unbelievable. We were first timers. Everyone was fantastic. And put us at ease. Can’t wait until next time. – DD

Just want to say a massive thank you for a brilliant night. The team was fab and all the guests were so welcoming. It was brilliant, had so much going on and everyone was lovely. Can’t wait to do more with you guys. – JW