About Paranormal Friends

IMG_9468mresize“Paranormal Friends” are just that, a group of friends who are experienced paranormal investigators, each with a love of the paranormal world, who organise investigations for the convenience of interested members of the public.

“Paranormal Friends” is not a commercially driven company as such and strives to be as professional as possible to provide the best experience for all concerned.

The intention is to investigate interesting, more intimate reputedly haunted locations, often not considered by others.

Our aim is to use a combination of spiritual and scientific methods of investigation and participants at our investigations are free to choose whether they take part in any, or all, as they wish.

Meet the Paranormal Friends team

Chris and Sam

IMG_9543rAlways what he describes as being an open minded sceptic, Chris is responsible for the day to day running of Paranormal Friends at what he affectionately refers to as “PF Towers”. He takes care of sourcing locations and booking them, keeping the website up to date and administering our busy Facebook group and plenty more besides!

Chris had his first encounter with what he believes was paranormal activity when he was a young trainee Chartered Surveyor and Auctioneer.

In 1976, during several visits to Rhysnant Hall, Four Crosses, Powys, while showing prospective buyers of the antique panelling around the now demolished buildings, he experienced many difficult to explain phenomena.

The intervening years have given time for him to ponder over what all this activity may have been.

More recently, another dramatic incident occurred in Lincoln while on a visit to see son Sam, who is an award winning journalist.

IMG_9539rThis activity – in a local Tea Room on historic Steep Hill – led to several private investigations including with a medium. Much fascinating activity was experienced as considerable information came to light.

Chris and Sam provide a unique combination of skills.

Christopher, as a now former Chartered Surveyor, is ideally suited to debunk many events by using his detailed knowledge of building construction and surveying methodology.

Meanwhile, Sam is well placed for using his investigative and journalistic skills while on investigations and for producing reports on any notable evidence that they might discover.

Both remain open-minded about the paranormal world and retain a sceptical approach, even though they know they have both experienced so many seemingly paranormal events which they have not been able to debunk.

Chris established a wonderful relationship with the Australian Paranormal Society a few years ago.

This led him and Sam to join APS founder, Bill Tabone, on an investigation in Melbourne in 2015. Chris is returning in the autumn of 2017 for another investigation in Victoria as the special guest of the APS. (See much more on the dedicated website page to our Australia Associates.)


IMG_9533rVeronica is our Spiritualist Medium and also helps Chris source locations.

She is very active in her local Spiritualist Church and is also a committee member. V, as we affectionately know her, leads Open Circles and conducts Rostrum work too.

I am in the process of writing and hope to have a book published. My hobbies are crafting – from card making to knitting as well as my deep love for the paranormal.

My interest in the paranormal started 14 years ago when I lost someone very close. Then one night about 11 years ago I was channel hopping and saw that Most Haunted were doing a live event at a well-known RAF station that I spent some time at as a teenager.

From that I wanted to go on a paranormal investigation myself. My first was Derby Gaol and had some amazing but very frightening experiences. I was bitten by the paranormal bug. I would say my favourite location is either Sheffield emergency services museum or Pendle Hill.


IMG_9541rOriginally from Sheffield, my first experience of the paranormal was back when I was 16 with my father. We had an encounter with an apparition that walked past us on the infamous Stocksbridge Bypass.

I would class myself as level headed and where possible analyse things , but some things on investigations just can not be explained away.

With a few years of experience of attending investigations, I’d also say I’m the comedian of the team (but others will beg to differ).


I’ve been interested in the paranormal from an early age – my Mother being a physic medium and her Mother before her holding regular Séances and glass divination sessions by inviting guests round on a regular basis.

I have witnessed glasses being thrown around the room, manifestations of Spirits, temperature changes, sounds, touches and smells. I’ve felt sadness, pain, fear and love from Spirits that I have encountered.

I love the gift I have and the connection with the Spirit world. Being Mediumistic and able to share those gifts on the investigations I take part in with Paranormal Friends is a real pleasure.

Two of my favourite locations have been Sleap airfield due to our contact with a lost airman called Eric Young. He gave me his name and that’s when his story started to unfold and the whole room’s atmosphere changed.

The other favourite location is Stoke on Trent town hall where I felt the presence of a very frustrated and tormented Spirit. He never told me his name but gave me the word “Assad”. This linked him to Syria and him fleeing that country. He had recently passed and had a story to tell. With no real link to the town hall, how did he come to be there?

There’s more to the spirit world than we know and understand –  another reason why I like to do what we do.


My interest in the paranormal started around the age of ten when I witnessed my first sighting that I could not explain – a misty shape that changed direction and disappeared. This made me start thinking about what it actually was and so I started reading a variety of books about the unexplained.

I attended the first ever Paranormal Friends investigation at St Mary’s Guildhall in Lincoln and have investigated several locations with the group since. Now I am delighted to be a member of the team.

During an investigation my favourite techniques include some of the spiritual methods such as table tipping and glass divination but I also enjoy using the scientific equipment such as the Mel metre and K2 metre.

Although I do believe in forms of spirit communication, I am open minded and try to debunk evidence before classing it as paranormal.