Australia Associates

44994_143477865684898_90075_n (1)Paranormal Friends is proud to be closely associated with one of Australia’s premier paranormal investigation organisations.

A visit by two of our founders to Melbourne , the capital of Victoria, saw them work with the Australian Paranormal Society for the first time in 2015.

We believe this will be a very long and mutually beneficial association whereby we will be able to share knowledge and experiences.

Chris and Sam joined their team on a fascinating investigation while “Down Under” and were able to compare our methods with some interesting variations of theirs.

2015-04-02 13.26.36 mThey have even brought a couple of useful experiments back home to use here in the northern hemisphere.

This is a positive step forward in our search to find out all we can about the paranormal world.

Our Australian investigation of the historic Altona Homstead and also a personal guided tour around many of Melbourne’s reputedly most haunted locations, in the company of Bill Tabone, will live long in the memory!

The picture shows Sam and Chris with APS founder, Bill Tabone outside the Altona Homestead at the conclusion of their investigation.

Moving on and June 2017 saw the legendary, Bill Tabone joining the Paranormal Friends team for a unique investigation of the historic Whittington Castle here in Shropshire.

We encountered so much activity on our first two investigations here and this further return certainly did not disappoint as we had some incredible activity, including one of our tables moving on its own with nobody near it and loud footsteps emanating from the first floor when everybody was in the room below and much more besides.

This was a great experience for the whole PF team and the guests that had been fortunate enough to secure their places. We’re even continued until 4am for the first time.

In November 2017, our co-founder, Chris Morris is returning to Australia when he will be the special guest of the Australian Paranormal Society when they investigate the enormous Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Victoria.

It was the largest and oldest such establishment in Australia and it is known that some 13,000 poor souls died there.

It has a reputation for some pretty serious and sometimes dark encounters and Chris just can not wait to join Bill as they lead the intrepid investigators around this eerie location.

There should be plenty to talk about, assuming Chris survives the night of course!