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Lichfield Live 16 October 2017

Erasmus Darwin House, Lichfield to be investigated.

The brilliant team at Lichfield Live have favoured us with a piece about our forthcoming investigation at the historic Erasmus Darwin House right next to the ancient Cathedral.

It’s got so many famous connections and just a little of a gruesome past, the live in caretaker has some fascinating stories of actual recent encounters too!

you really ought to join us for this one! Read all about it by clicking here

Shropshire Star 5 May 2017

Our friends at the Shropshire Star seem to like what we stand for as they have featured us yet again.
This has gone live on their website and we are told it will be in print in a couple of days too. Wow, the visit of Bill Tabone, our great friend and legendry founder of the Australian Paranormal Society, is certainly hitting the headlines and we are so lucky in securing his company as our very special guest investigator.

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Shropshire Star 7 March 2017

Once again, we hit the headlines online and in print form with pieces in the Shropshire Star about our incredible investigation at the former RAF Sleap Airfield in north Shropshire.

Our first investigation there last September was fantastic, with so much activity but this time was truly awesome!

We’ve already sold out in record time for  a further return in October this year so now hope to book a fourth investigation as soon as we can get a date agreed.

Read about it by clicking here.

Shropshire Star, 10 October 2016

IMG_9655mrOur friends at the Shropshire Star have done us proud again with a piece this time featuring our investigations at the Headquarters of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, better known to us as the Old Abbey Infirmary and Queen Anne House in Shrewsbury.

We had a great first ever investigation there in May and can’t wait to see how much more we encounter next month. We are featured in the print and online editions today.

You can read it all by clicking here.

Lincolnshire Echo, 15 March 2016

wp0_wp9100fa72_0fWe knew there was to be a reporter as one of our guests at Louth Town Hall, but we kept it quiet and certainly didn’t tell anyone that she used to work in the building until quite recently. Indeed, only 2 of our team new this and our Spiritualist Medium Veronica, had no prior knowledge either.

So, this first hand account is just a little mind blowing!

Please remember though that when attending one of our investigations, you are kept Spiritually safe due to the precautions we take before starting and again at the end. The final piece of the story relates to prior to our investigation!!! Read it all by clicking here.

Lincolnshire Echo, 15 March 2016

IMG_9488m resHold the front page.

Well not quite but the Lincolnshire Echo has now featured our investigation at the historic Louth Town Hall. There were already several reports of hauntings and we seemed to discover more too.

It was another first time ever public investigation and what a night it turned out to be.

You can read their piece by clicking here.

Burton Mail, 29 January 2016

IMG_9677mrWould you believe it!

We have now been featured by the Burton Mail. They have run a piece about our forthcoming investigation at Burton on Trent Town Hall.

It’s another of our first time public investigations so perhaps it’s no wonder it caught their attention.

This is becoming something we could easily get accustomed to.

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Lincolnshire Echo, 24 January 2016

IMG_9464m resizeWell, our friends at the Lincolnshire Echo did us proud for our investigations in Lincoln.

Not only did we receive pre-night coverage but a fairly detailed report on our activities at the County Assembly Rooms too.

There’s also a gallery of pictures that were produced; see if you spot anyone you know – or even a Spirit! Take a look, we think you will enjoy it.

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Lincolnshire Echo, 21 January 2016

IMG_9470m resizeWith two investigations taking place over the same weekend in Lincoln, the Lincolnshire Echo spotted an opportunity for another story about the paranormal. Friday night sees Paranormal Friends on a return visit to St Mary’s Guildhall which proved so active when we first investigated last September. Saturday sees the team in action at the City’s historic County Assembly Rooms.

What did the Echo have to say?

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Lincolnshire Echo, 29 October 2015

FB_IMG_1446364874546Does paranormal activity increase at Halloween? This is a question often asked at this time of year and there is certainly a perception that it does. But, surely spirits can communicate at any time of year and at any time of day or night if they want to?

So, is it more than a perception? What actually is Halloween anyway? Straddling the line between autumn and winter, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition.

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Ashbourne News Telegraph, 22 September 2015

townhallFootsteps, tapping and disembodied voices are just some of the paranormal phenomena experienced at one of Derbyshire’s reportedly most haunted buildings. Ashbourne Town Hall can boast a long and sometimes dark history of paranormal activity – with an ‘angry’ presence being felt in one particular area on several occasions.

And now, you can take part in the first public paranormal investigation in the fascinating and historic building. The Paranormal Friends group have been given rare access to the venue and will be conducting a range of both spiritual and scientific experiments in an attempt to communicate with the ‘other side’.

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Lincolnshire Echo, 20 September 2015

IMG_9528rLincoln is a city steeped in all sorts of different history. From archaeology to Magna Carta there are a lot of stories for the city to tell.

Many of the city’s buildings can also boast of haunted happenings – and when one of them was opened up for a public paranormal investigation, there was an incredible response.

The Paranormal Friends team were the first group to hold a public investigation in St Mary’s Guildhall and they wanted to see if they could communicate with any spirits from the other side.

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Shropshire Star, 16 September 2015

IMG_9496m resizeGhostly goings-on at Whittington Castle investigated.

Ghostly figures, strange noises and unpleasant smells are just some of the strange goings-on that have been reported at a Shropshire castle.            

Now a group, Paranormal Friends, is to investigate whether there is any truth in the legend that Whittington Castle is haunted.

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The Lincolnshire Echo, 4 September 2015

IMG_9464m resizeFrom sightings of a cavalier to the feeling of being touched, many who have visited the County Assembly Rooms have experienced their fair share of paranormal activity.

Now a group, known as Paranormal Friends, are to investigate the building – which is built on an old Roman burial ground – to see what they can find.

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The Lincolnshire Echo, 20 July 2015

2015-06-07 16.31.13 resizeDo you believe in ghosts? Exactly what is paranormal activity? Are you brave enough to find out?

A team of paranormal investigators will descend on one of Lincoln’s reportedly most haunted buildings to try to communicate with the other side. And you can join them at St Mary’s Guildhall in the city.

Paranormal Friends will use a mixture of scientific and spiritual techniques in an attempt to communicate with spirits within the centuries-old building.

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