Coleham Pumping Station, Shrewsbury, paranormal investigation


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Saturday 1 February 2020

9pm to 2am

Join Paranormal Friends as we search again for paranormal activity at Coleham Pumping Station, Shrewsbury.

IMG_9516 m resOur investigation in the Spring of 2016 was the first ever at this important Victorian location. We had lots of excellent communication including names clearly repeated on the Spirit box which then suddenly died on us, figures being seen on the upper levels, strong feelings of being watched and very weird “growling” type voices in the cellar.

We also hit on a Spirit who it is believed had died of excruciating pain in his left arm following an incident within the building.

What more might we encounter on this long awaited return?

The late Victorian Coleham Pumping Station, resembling a Chapel in style, was built circa 1900 to house two massive steam-driven beam engines. The local paper reported the opening ceremony on January 4th 1901. The two beam engines were built in-situ by Renshaws of Stoke in 1897/1898. They were used to pump sewage as part of Shrewsbury’s new sewerage system. The coal-fired boilers drove the beam engines that operated the pumps until 1970. After that date ownership of the building, machinery and grounds was transferred to Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council (later to become Shropshire Council) to ensure the history and machinery was preserved for all to see.

The Museum comprises the Pumping Station buildings, which are listed with English Heritage as being of architectural importance, and in-situ beam-engines plus other items belonging to Shrewsbury Steam Trust.

IMG_9208Weather permitting we will also be able to investigate the land at the rear of the pumping station which also features an original crane from the nearby Abbey Foregate railway station, the last remaining wall of the adjacent former C18 Foundry which manufactured the links for the chains of the Menai suspension bridge and also the road at the rear which used to form part of the training regime for the former Territorial Army depot nearby too.

The aim is to use a combination of Spiritual and scientific methods of investigation and you are free to choose whether you take part in any, or all, as you wish.

These usually include; Victorian style Séances, Table tipping experiments, Glass divination, K2 Meters, Spirit/Ghost/Frank’s box, Rempods, Laser grid lights, sound enhancers, pendulum, human pendulum, divining rods, trigger objects, digital voice recorder, photography and of course, your own senses, the original investigation equipment!

We may try some of the experiments we were introduced to by our associates of the Australian Paranormal Society too!

Please feel free to bring your own investigation equipment if you wish.

Hot drinks, crisps and biscuits will be provided on the night.

You may bring your own additional refreshments if you wish but, of course, no alcohol.

All participants should wear adequate warm clothing, stout footwear and provide their own torch.

Please note there is no wheelchair access and the access is cobbled and therefore uneven, making access troublesome for people with walking difficulties.

Coleham Pumping Station, Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury, SY3 7DN

Saturday 1 February 2020

9pm to 2am (Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time)

Car parking: Nearby on street parking or the Abbey Foregate public car park.

Please note that there will be no heating on prior to or during our investigation so it is essential that you wear warm clothing and very sensible shoes.

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