Australian Paranormal Society links

Paranormal Friends is proud to be closely associated with one of Australia’s top paranormal investigation organisations.

A visit by our two founders to Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, saw them work with the Australian Paranormal Society in 2015.

Chris and Sam joined their team on a fascinating investigation Down Under. They were able to share investigating techniques.

Beneficial relationships

This has now developed into a beneficial relationship which has seen a return visit to Australia for Chris. Bill Tabone, the founder of the APS, joined Paranormal Friends on an investigation at Whittington Castle.

We believe this will be a very long and mutually beneficial association whereby we will be able to share knowledge and experiences.

Our Australian investigation of the historic Altona Homstead and also a personal guided tour around many of Melbourne’s reputedly most haunted locations, in the company of Bill Tabone, will live long in the memory.

Bill’s Whittington visit

Sam, Bill and Chris in Melbourne

When Bill joined us in Shropshire, it certainly did not disappoint. We had some incredible activity.

This included one of our tables moving on its own with nobody near it. Loud footsteps were heard from the floor upstairs when nobody was up there.

This was a great experience for the whole PF team and the guests that had been fortunate enough to secure their places. We even continued until 4am for the first time.

In November 2017, our co-founder, Chris returned to Australia. He was the special guest of the Australian Paranormal Society when they investigated the enormous Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Victoria.

It was the largest and oldest such establishment in Australia. It is known that some 13,000 poor souls died there.

The location has a reputation for some pretty serious and sometimes dark encounters. Chris just could not wait to join Bill as they led intrepid investigators around this eerie location.

To find out more about the APS, visit their Facebook page.