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063 – Paranormal investigation at Halfpenny Green (Wolverhampton) airport, Crab Ln, Bobbington, Stourbridge, DY7 5DY on Saturday 23 January 2021

(This photo courtesy of Paul Bunch – Perspective I)
Halfpenny Green Airport has a long history and notable incidents/accidents associated with it – including a Royal fatality.

During the 1970s air races took place here and it was during one of these that Prince William of Gloucester, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, died at the airport on August 28, 1972 when the aircraft he was piloting crashed into a hedge just beyond the airfield’s boundary.
Many trainee navigators did not return from long flights over the Irish Sea and several crashes occurred on the base too.

This is a huge location only investigated by and exclusive to Paranormal Friends.

064 – Paranormal investigation, The Oak House Museum, Oak Road, West Bromwich B70 8HJ, Saturday 6 February 2021

Oak House in West Bromwich is a delightful and distinctly eerie, half-timbered yeoman farmer’s house built about 1630 or earlier with brick additions at the rear built in the 1650s as the family wealth and status grew.
The Turton family who were associated with the house were Yeoman (posh farmers) and nail makers; later expanding to also be gulgropers (money lenders), making loans to impoverished Royalist gentry after the English Civil War.
This connected the family to Gentry families and meant that John Turton was making far more money than ever before and even managed to find his daughter a husband amongst the gentry, propelling the family up the social scale.
Witches marks have also recently been identified in several places in the house too! This added to the Spirit encounters noted by our own Medium mean we just can’t wait to investigate this great house.

066 – Paranormal investigation, Bromwich Hall – The Manor House, Hall Green Road, West Bromwich, B71 2EA, Saturday 13 March 2021

Murder, grave robbing and insanity are all part of the story of this unique building – Bromwich Hall – The Manor House has seen it all. Built by Richard de Marnham in the 1270s, Bromwich Hall is one of the most important surviving medieval timber framed buildings in the Midlands. Even “Witch marks” have recently been identified in this historic property.
The great hall is probably the earliest of its type in the country. It would have been used for feasts, local courts and tax collection.
There are numerous reports of “Ghostly” activity including a ghostly cat brushing past people in the Great Hall as well as the figure of a Medieval man seen here too. Reports of loud disembodied footsteps. Curtains being opened regularly overnight when nobody was in the building. The apparitions of young men being seen. The figure of a Monk has been seen outside the Chapel and also in the Great Hall. Unexplained, disembodied voices and apparitions are often reported by staff members. Doors open and close for no apparent reason. One staff member has reported being grabbed by a Spirit and having seen this as a dark shadow too. In the Ladies toilet, when photographing for a Halloween event, an unexplained figure was seen behind the then site manager.

067 – Paranormal Investigation at Montgomery Town Hall, Broad St, Montgomery, SY15 6PH, Saturday 8 May 2021

First investigated some years ago by our founders Chris and Sam along with a small group of others and again by Paranormal Friends in April last year, Montgomery Town Hall appears to be an active location as we have experienced a host of paranormal activity so far, some of which has been very dramatic to say the least and we feel the need for more.
Montgomery sits close to the Anglo Welsh border and the history exemplifies the history of Wales in its relationship with England.
Montgomery Town Hall is an exceptionally well-preserved large Grade 2* Listed Georgian market hall. It is the focal point of the town.
Dating from 1748 and remodelled with upper storey raised in 1828 for Lord Clive, the lower floor was the market and the arches were open until around 1900.
The upper floor was used for the Quarter Sessions and meetings of the Borough Corporation. The clock tower was added in 1921.

067a – Paranormal investigation at Whittington Castle, Nr Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4DF on Saturday 22 May 2021

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We’ve had so much unexplained activity at our previous investigations that we had to book another return visit as soon as our programme allowed.
This will be a serious, yet fun investigation of this remarkable location which has never let us down.
Will the table move again entirely by itself and will we hear footsteps from the locked and empty room on the first floor?
Explore the romantic ruins of this very haunted Castle which is steeped in historical tales of bitter warfare, treachery, death, myths, legends and of course many ghosts and strange happenings. Weather permitting, we will also investigate the ruined Tower which it is understood had a dungeon below and where we have encountered stone throwing and unexplained noises!

068 – Paranormal investigation, The Judge’s Lodging, Shire Hall, Broad Street, Presteign, Powys, LD8 21D, Saturday 12 June 2020

We had plenty of unexplained activity on our February 2020 visit that we’re returning to further investigate The Judge’s Lodging, in the historic Welsh border town of Presteigne. It is the former Shire Hall for the County of Radnor.
Investigating here is truly like stepping back in time because the entire location is full of period furniture and effects. It also has oil lamps and period gas lighting throughout.
Access to the full suite of 14 period rooms of the building, including the judge’s apartments, servants’ workrooms, two holding cells and the vast courtroom itself.
The previous building on the site was the county gaol; a grim affair according to surviving accounts. It was demolished to make way for the grand building we see today.
On our initial pre-investigation walk around, Adam, our Medium was very affected by Spirit activity. So much so that he almost had to leave the building at one point as he was becoming overwhelmed and the pressure on his head was more than he has ever experienced. He felt as though all of the many Spirits of this ancient site wanted to communicate with him at once.