In the press

Many of our investigations have featured in various media outlets for which we are very grateful.

We’ve listed some of the best pieces of coverage with links to the full pieces. Please take a read.

We have also had many pieces published by Trinity Mirror titles, but since a revamp of their websites, they are no longer available.

The venues written about include Louth Town Hall, Burton on Trent Town Hall, Lincoln County Assembly Rooms, Ashbourne Town Hall and St Mary’s Guildhall in Lincoln.

Shropshire Star 13 November 2018

Over the years we have built up a great relationship with many newspapers and radio stations.

We were flattered to be approached by the Shropshire Star who wanted to do an in-depth feature on members of our team so one of our Founders Chris and our Medium, Adam stepped forward and spent a very special afternoon with their reporter and photographer at Whittington Castle and, guess what, it seemed that even some Spirits wanted to join in as witnessed by us all – K2 meters spiking to 5 on a number of occasions – we have never seen Journalists faces drain so quickly!!!

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Lichfield Live 16 October 2017

Erasmus Darwin House, Lichfield to be investigated.

The brilliant team at Lichfield Live have written a piece previewing our investigation at the historic Erasmus Darwin House.

Located right next to the ancient Cathedral, this place should be a hive of paranormal activity.

It’s got so many famous connections and just a little of a gruesome past. The live in caretaker has some fascinating stories of actual recent encounters too.

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Shropshire Star 5 May 2017

Our friends at the Shropshire Star seem to like what we stand for as they have featured us yet again.

This piece focuses on the visit of Bill Tabone, our great friend and legendary founder of the Australian Paranormal Society.

His visit certainly hit the headlines and we were so lucky to secure his company as our very special investigator.

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Shropshire Star 7 March 2017

Once again, we hit the headlines online and in print form with pieces in the Shropshire Star about our incredible investigation at the former RAF Sleap Airfield in north Shropshire.

Our first investigation there was fantastic, with so much activity but this time was truly awesome!

We always have a brilliant night at former RAF Sleap and it has become a firm favourite location for investigations for many members of the group.

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Shropshire Star, 10 October 2016

IMG_9655mrOur second visit to the Old Abbey Infirmary in Shrewsbury was featured by the Shropshire Star.

Now the Headquarters of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, it is better known to us as the Old Abbey Infirmary and Queen Anne House in Shrewsbury.

We have had several great investigations here and have encountered so much activity in this remarkable location.

With all its history and links to a high profile murder, this is a brilliant venue for any press story!

You can read it all by clicking here.

Shropshire Star, 16 September 2015

IMG_9496m resize

Whittington Castle was the focus of this piece in the Shropshire Star.

It looks at some of the tales of hauntings at the historic venue and previews our visit.

This piece was the first of many to feature in the Shropshire Star.

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