The Oak House Museum, Oak Road, West Bromwich B70 8HJ

Saturday 6 February 2021

8pm to 1am

Join Paranormal Friends as we investigate Oak House in West Bromwich which is a delightful and distinctly eerie, half-timbered yeoman farmer’s house built about 1630 or earlier with brick additions at the rear built in the 1650s as the family wealth and status grew.

The Turton family who were associated with the house were Yeoman (posh farmers) and nail makers; later expanding to also be gulgropers (money lenders), making loans to impoverished Royalist gentry after the English Civil War.

This connected the family to Gentry families and meant that John Turton was making far more money than ever before and even managed to find his daughter a husband amongst the gentry, propelling the family up the social scale.

Witches marks have also recently been identified in several places in the house too!

It’s not known how Oak House got its name – it certainly isn’t due to the oak trees which grew around it as the timbers to build the Oak House came from at least 20 miles away. By the 1600s there were virtually no trees at all on Bromwich Heath and the area was pretty bleak.

The Oak House boasts some fine panelling and is furnished with 17th century furniture.

Extra rooms have been opened up over recent years and now have a 17th century dairy and servants’ bedroom, back parlour complete with replica 17th century bed. This is the room where many of the Turton family died in the 1600s!

On our pre-investigation walk around of The Oak House, Adam, our resident Medium encountered several Spirits including on the ground floor where he picked up a female spirit possibly a maid! Also in the back parlour there were a couple of spirits; one male and one female. The Staircase was particularly active as was also the room on the first floor linking two more bedrooms where he detected a strong male presence.

The aim is to use a combination of Spiritual and scientific methods of investigation and you are free to choose whether you take part in any, or all, as you wish.

These usually include; Victorian style Séances, Table tipping experiments, Glass divination, K2 Meters, Spirit/Ghost/Frank’s box, Rempods, Laser grid lights, sound enhancers, pendulum, human pendulum, divining rods, trigger objects, digital voice recorder, photography and of course, your own senses, the original investigation equipment!

Please feel free to bring your own investigation equipment if you wish.

We will not be able to provide our usual hot drinks and cold snacks in order to reduce the risks of contamination. However, as usual, guests are welcome to bring their own cold food and non-alcoholic drinks with them.

All participants should wear adequate warm clothing, stout footwear and provide their own torch.

Please do not sit on any period furniture that may be on site nor touch any exhibits.

The Oak House Museum, Oak Road, West Bromwich B70 8HJ.

Saturday 6 February 2021

8pm to 1am (Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time)

Entrance: The Oak House is on the corner of Oak Road and Cambridge Street just a short distance from West Bromwich High Street and Lodge Road Metro station. Entrance is via the Barns Visitor Centre on Oak Road.

Parking: Parking is available on Cambridge Street, further down Oak Road beyond the barns or at the pay and display car park on Lodge Road which is a 5-10 minute walk away. Disabled drop off area only outside the site. Parking directly outside the museum is restricted

Please note that there will be no heating on prior to or during our investigation so it is essential that you wear warm clothing and sensible shoes.

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