Montgomery Town Hall, Broad St, Montgomery, SY15 6PH, Paranormal Investigation


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Saturday 8 May 2021

9pm to 2am

Paranormal Friends invite you to join them on their rescheduled return investigation of Montgomery Town Hall. We’re making this a rather intimate investigation too, limiting it to a maximum of just 16 guests in the whole building!

First investigated some years ago by our founders Chris and Sam along with a small group of others, Montgomery Town Hall appears to be an active location as they experienced a host of paranormal activity that evening; we returned in April 2019 and had a memorable night to say the least – asking Spirit to give us a big sign brought more than we expected with the brand new fire alarm sounding for NO reason – it was later checked and found not to have a fault!

Montgomery sits close to the Anglo Welsh border and the history exemplifies the history of Wales in its relationship with England.

Montgomery Town Hall is Grade 2* Listed because it is an exceptionally well-preserved large Georgian market hall. It is the focal point of the town – its townscape and civic history.

Dating from 1748, by William Baker of Audlem and remodelled with upper storey raised in 1828 by Thomas Penson for Lord Clive. The lower floor was the market and the arches were open until around 1900.

The upper floor was used for the Quarter Sessions and meetings of the Borough Corporation. The clock tower was added in 1921.

It is thought that prisoners and the accused were brought from the nearby Gaol to the court as there is no holding cell on the premises.

You would be hard pressed to find a border town with a more dramatic history than Montgomery.

For hundreds of years it was of the greatest strategic importance on the Welsh Marches and saw battles and sieges during the border struggle between Welsh and English.

The infamous Robber’s Grave is just down the road at St Nicholas’ Church. The robber was a young man by the name of John Davies who was hanged in 1821 for a misdemeanour.

John Davies went to the noose protesting his innocence of any crime and declared that no grass would grow on his grave for a hundred years. Strange to say it did not.

Hardly discovered by others, our team are looking forward to taking guests back to this historic and somewhat eerie location to see what they will encounter this time. 

Perhaps they will hear unexplained noises, spirit box conversations, witness table tipping or even the presence on the staircases reported so many times over the years by visitors to the building.

The aim is to use a combination of Spiritual and scientific methods of investigation and you are free to choose whether you take part in any, or all, as you wish.

These usually include; Victorian style Séances, Table tipping experiments, Glass divination, K2 Meters, Spirit/Ghost/Frank’s box, Rempods, Laser grid lights, sound enhancers, pendulum, human pendulum, divining rods, trigger objects, digital voice recorder, photography and of course, your own senses, the original investigation equipment!

Please feel free to bring your own investigation equipment if you wish.

We will not be able to provide our usual hot drinks and cold snacks in order to reduce the risks of contamination. However, as usual, guests are welcome to bring their own cold food and non-alcoholic drinks with them.

All participants should wear adequate warm clothing, stout footwear and provide their own torch.

Montgomery Town Hall, Broad St, Montgomery, SY15 6PH

Saturday 8 May 2021

9pm to 2am (Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time)

Car parking: Adjacent and nearby on street parking

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