Our kit

On a Paranormal Friends investigation, you will be able to use all of our equipment.

We have a huge range of kit for you to use, with a combination of scientific and electrical pieces. Our team will be happy to explain how to use each piece during an investigation.

In the meantime, here is a brief description of each piece of our collection.

K2 Meters

These are probably the most widely used equipment on paranormal investigations. They detect Electro Magnetic fields and are unidirectional. This means they only work in one direction at a time. The five coloured lights react to changes in EMFs being picked up. Base checks are taken first to check out for local sources of EMF such as security systems, wifi etc.



Mel Meters

The Mel Meter also records EMFs but this time giving a digital reading. Again unidirectional, they also have a temperature sensor which is a useful addition. When EMFs are recorded accompanied by significant changes in temperature, something significant may well be occurring.




This is effectively the reverse of the above pieces of kit in that an Electro Magnetic field is generated from the telescopic antenna. As anything physical or otherwise enters that field, lights flash and an audible sound is created. This great piece of kit is programmable, so the range level can be increased or decreased. There is also an Ambient  Temperature Deviation Detection facility which is also programmable.


Digital Infrared Thermometers

Really useful for determining spot temperatures where guests or team are sensing significant changes of temperature. These are often associated with spirit activity.




Frank’s Box, Ghost Box or Spirit Box

We use the well-known PSB7 versions and have had some remarkable evidence through them. Put simply they are pieces of kit that scan the AM or FM wavebands either forwards or backwards at pre-set selected speeds. The belief is that spirit can use the white noise created to pass on words or messages. We are not aiming to pick up radio stations, hence the speed of the scanning.


Green Laser Grid Pens

These are simple but very effective tools. We can fill a whole wall with a grid matrix through which we hope to witness dark shadows or spirit passing through. This is almost impossible to experience without such a tool.



Infrared Motion Sensors

We use versions that simply light up when something breaks the infrared beam. Other versions create a deafening noise when similar activity occurs.



Sound Enhancers

These amplify sounds very significantly which means they can alert others to things that may have otherwise been missed. The microphones should be positioned in an upright position to pick up more audio.


Glass divination tables

Use our bespoke converted vintage card tables for a variety of traditional experiments such as Victorian style seances, table tipping and glass divination. All carefully supervised for your peace of mind.


Spiritual experiments

You will also have use of other traditional spiritual tools such as Divination Rods, Pendulums, Scrying Mirrors and various antique and other trigger objects. Guidance will be given on how to conduct these experiments on the night.