Our paranormal investigations

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to go on a paranormal investigation or are you intrigued by the television programmes and want to take part yourself?

Then join us at one of our intimate locations and find out just what a paranormal investigation is like.

You are assured of a professionally run evening on a Paranormal Friends investigation which provides the best possible experience for all.

We want you to get as much enjoyment from one of our paranormal investigations as we do.

We try to investigate interesting and more intimate reputedly haunted locations and many of these are often not considered by other companies.

Our portfolio of unique locations means we enjoy investigating each and every one.

Genuine activity

Our investigations are concentrated around Shropshire, Staffordshire and adjoining areas. Guests join us on paranormal investigations from across the country and enjoy coming back to future events.

Everything experienced on a Paranormal Friends investigation is genuine and nothing is ever faked by our team.

Our experienced team leaders do all they can to make it a night to remember and are confident that you will return to investigate with us in the future.

We aim to use a combination of spiritual and scientific methods at our paranormal investigations, including table tipping experiments, glass divination, K2 meters, spirit boxes and REM-PODS.

You are free to bring your own investigation equipment and certainly a torch.

There are separate terms & conditions applicable to all Paranormal Friends investigations, you can read them by CLICKING HERE