Paranormal Talks

Co-founder Chris Morris also presents a series of talks about the paranormal and our investigations.

These last approximately 60 minutes and include a large screen, full colour digital presentation.

He generally speaks in the Shropshire area, but will consider travelling further afield where possible.

The talks are ideal for fundraising events and social or charitable organisations.

Approved speaker

He is on the approved speakers list of the Shropshire Federation of Women’s Institutes and has also spoken to Rotarians and other similar groups, including public fund raising events.

Join Chris as he outlines his story in the world of paranormal investigation in and around Shropshire and even further afield, including Australia!

This may be a potentially scary and certainly thought provoking night but is presented in a light hearted manner with fun and amazement throughout.

Confront your fears and quench your thirst for knowledge as you come to understand a little about the paranormal world and ghostly spirit communication almost as though you are on a ghost hunting night, at some of the country’s reputedly most haunted locations.

Christopher will show some of the equipment used on paranormal investigations but no detailed demonstrations or attempts at spirit communication will be undertaken on the night.

You will see something of:

*Victorian style Séances

*Table Tipping Experiments

*Glass Divination/Ouija

*Modern scientific ghost hunting equipment such as K2 meters, Frank’s/Spirit box, laser lights, sound enhancers, REM PODs etc.

This is an entertaining, sometimes serious, yet fun, evening that should keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Testimonials received from Shropshire WIs:

“On behalf of the committee and members of Loppington WI, I am writing to thank you for your lovely presentation at our meeting last night. It was interesting, very informative and certainly gave us much to think about. I think the response and questions that you were asked by our members during the evening, emphasises how much they enjoyed it.

“I do hope that we will be able to book you again for more of your interesting talks.

“Thank you again for giving up your time and good luck in your future work.”

“Thank you for a very interesting presentation – our members were really engaged with the subject and it provoked much discussion. Our President and I were on a WI County outing yesterday and took the opportunity to recommend you to other institutes”

For more information and to check availability and cost please contact Chris via the Paranormal Friends office by CLICKING HERE