The Guildhall, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

The Medieval Guildhall is an architectural gem of half-timbered construction, adjacent to the ancient Church yard in the centre of the town. We investigated in the Courtroom, Council Chamber and ground floor Butter Market.

When conducting our opening group vigil we appeared to make contact with spirit energies as the K-II meters in the Council Chamber were spiking to red. We had already done base readings but had not encountered such. This suggests spirit actIMG_9613mrivity and also a very intelligent energy.

We also heard taps on request and a dark shadow was seen by several.

We conducted two great human pendulums including a lady who was shivering at end and took some time to recover. Elizabeth came forward during this.

The name Fred or Frederick was picked up by two people. Sam then later sensed the name Elizabeth. Later in the evening, two guests told Sam that the great grandfather of one of them was called Frederick and he was the Mayor of Much Wenlock in the 1960s. He was also married to an Elizabeth.

After the opening vigil, we split off into smaller groups. Chris, Brian and Nigel were in the Council chamber where they had strong evidence of spiritual activity as the K-IIs were going to red once again. They appeared to be responding to us and when Chris asked the spirit energy to copy his knock three times, the lights on the K-II surprisingly went from green to red three times, almost as if it was responding to Chris’s wish but through the K-II meter.

During this vigil guests took part in a glass divination session where they got names, dates and other pieces of useful information, but once again, the spirits not only wanted to communicate through the glass divination, but through the K-II meters, guests were asking questions of these spirits and they certainly gave answers too!

Having realised that our equipment needed new batteries after our last investigation, they had been replaced ready for this beautiful location and, to our surprise, we needed to change the batteries once again in some of the equipment. We believe Spirit energy may have drained the batteries in the equipment to allow them to communicate with us.

During the break two guests noticed that the weighing scales by the stocks in the Courtroom were moving on their own. Brian was very surprised as nobody was anywhere near the scales, so what actually made the scales move? He went over to them and they are easily moveable with the slightest touch but how did it move in the first place as nobody was near that corner. Could this have been spirit activity, he’s unsure but it was certainly intriguing.

Second vigil in the Council Chamber a Spirit was reacting to Chris’s voice on the K2 in the corner of the room. A long conversation took place during which lady (Dawn) could see a shadow in corner.

Eli came forward on the table, he was 9yrs old and the K2 was spiking up to full red corresponding with the answers on the table.

After the interval underneath the Guildhall in the Buttermarket, we set out a trigger object by the cell door. Some of the guests appeared to get some interesting results from glass divination (being told twice to “P**s off” and also table tipping. We took one member down to the cell door to conduct a scrying mirror experiment. This became too much for her as she didn’t like what she saw. She began to see a male spirit, with a moustache, quite elderly. Veronica our resident Medium, described exactly what the guest had seen to Brian and she didn’t even know one of our guests had seen exactly the same thing during the scrying experiment.

One of our guests who was very nervous about joining a paranormal investigation seemed to have been attracted to a spirit. Brian went to see if this guest was okay, but she appeared to be in a trance, starring into the cell door, he called over our medium to take this guest away from the door as there appeared to be a dark energy which had been picked up on by a couple of people during the scrying experiment.

Sam refers to the one vigil in the Court room where we had on the table a WILL who was 7 who said he had a message for Louise. He then spelt PEACE and MUM which seemed to have a meaning to Louise.

Nigel mentioned that the highlight for him was a lone vigil in the kitchen with two guests at the start of the night where on two occasions they had three knocks at the door which was not a draft rattle but clear knocks. (Most windows in the building are actually secondary glazed all but eliminating the chance of drafts).